Selected Works

Selected works by multi-disciplinary artist Razcel Jan Salvarita from Panay island, the Philippines.

[Painting Studies 2019-2020]

Transcendental Metempsychosis

“Metempsychosis” is a theme that’s been closely related to my works – in painting and performance art. For this series, the medium combines acrylic, textile, self-portrait digital prints (for decoupage), gold leaf. They were shown for the “Anonymous Animals” exhibition at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Gallery, Manila 2019.

“Kala Negra and Her Queendom” | 48″x60″ | Acrylic, gold leaf, textile on canvas | 2019
“Transcendental Metempsychosis: Absolution of Ikarus” | Acrylic, gold leaf, self-portrait digital prints on canvas | 2019

[Performance Art]

Ikarus: A Decade in Performance

“Ikarus” is the alter-ego and performance character of artist Ra’z Salvarita of which he’s been channeling through for more than a decade starting in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia when he was living there for almost five years as resident artist in an ashram commune. His done the art performances in various venues – either on-site specific or instantaneous space like the stage during the forum for Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”.

When performing “Ikarus”, I transcend my earthy familiarities and enter the portal of innocence and liberated soul. The ecstatic creative artistry beacons in the organic transcendence of the creative soul.

“…samtang gadamgo ang uwak (while the crow dreams)” | site-specific performance at a rooftop building in Yangon, Myanmar, February 2020

Hutik sang Bulak kag Hibi sang Katulúndan” | Whispers come from summer wild flowers – breezing the breeze as wind comes to and fro. Resounding rustle of mournful cry; beating tin cans, drumming pot pans; the sweltering heat left the last tear of sweat falls on the ground and evaporates the silence as sudden sorrows veil the last hour of daylight. The quarter moon rises above the silent ground as the crow of twilight sings to the crying bleeding sun. This is a tributary performance piece for artivist friends who are fighting for their freedom and democracy in Myanmar. Elle and Ra’z have been regularly communing in chant, prayer, and meditation – an offering to contribute a lightness of heart and strength of courage to the people of Myanmar. This video performance is part of a series that both artists collaborate – entitled “Quarter Moon Ritual: Performance in Rage and Compassion”.

“Ikarus: Falling into Eternity” is a self-portrait video captured performance while being a resident artist in an ashram community in Ubud, Bali-Indonesia from 2009-2012

“Ikarus: Falling into Eternity” is a time-durational performance during the sunrise hour. The sun being a stimulus for awakening the inner and outer cellular structure of the body. It’s a deepening performance that embodies total surrender to the flow of grace.

“Ikarus: Ubud Prologue” | Site-specific performance at Ubud’s “Dragon Back Ridge” | 50mins performance

“Ikarus: Ubud Prologue” connotes the meaning of “Ubud” – a bud of healing in the Balinese spiritual belief. Here, Ikarus becomes the eclectic anima – the feminine spirit of the island. The performance carries the ritual prayer through the wind.

“Ikarus” Tran/ce/science” | A duet in performance with performance artist Russ Ligtas | Dumaguete, 2013

“Ikarus: Tran/ce/science” streamlines with the mystical openness of “trance” as a form of organic surrender to the cosmic spiral of the wheel of “life”. This was a duet performance with performance artist Russ Ligtas.

“Panakayon sang mga Tinubo” kaupod si Ikarus | Performance piece during an art exhibition opening

“Panakayon sang mga Tinubo” reflects the journey of the natives on the island of Panay. Here, Ikarus connects transmission of the native’s story in the portrayal of performance language.

“Ikarus Son of the Sun: Kosmic Incantation” | Performance at the Tjampuhan Bridge, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia, 2012

“Ikarus: Son of the Sun — Kosmic Incantations” echoes the tragic story of the Balinese people killed because of the assumption that they upheld the communist ideology back in the 60s. It’s on this river and location where bodies where thrown, and streaming water stained with blood. This performance was an incantation for the healing of the land and its people.

“Trascendance: Rebirth and Rising” | Performance during the forum with playwright and activist Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues”

“TranscenDance: Rebirth and Rising” powerfully transmitted the intensity of the movement of rising – as equals and in line of equity. This performance revealed the longing for justice and aspiration for women to fully be embraced as equal prime movers for sustainable development.

[Public Installation Art]

Damgo Artboxes

“Damgo Quatros Kantos: Artbox Installation” was a project granted by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts of the Philippines. It was part of the Philippine International Arts Festival feature exhibitions which were held in two cities – Bacolod and Dumaguete on the island of Negros. Click link to view more images Enter the Artbox

“Damgo Artbox” at the Robinsons Place, a mall in the city of Dumaguete, Negros island. 2010

[Independent Curatorial Project]

6200 Pop Up: Arts and Craft Fair

6200 Pop Up: Arts and Craft Fair is my brainchild project and is the major flagship arts event of the Department of Trade and Industry – Negros Oriental. I held the position as Festival Director and Curator for the very first event and throughout its three years. It is running for its 5th year and has become the incubator for artists on the island province. It was formerly known as Dagit Arts Fest. Click to read Here

6200 Pop Up: Arts and Craft Fair held for almost five years in the province of Negros Oriental. A flagship arts event by the Department of Trade and Industry – NegOr.

[Short Film]

“I Am Patience”

This film, “I Am Patience” is dubbed as the longest short film because its connotes the slowness of living, featuring the patience of a snail. Filmed in Ubud, Bali – this film was nominated for Best Short Film during the 36th Gawad Urian Film Awards – one of the most prestigious film-giving body for Philippine films.


Falsified Flesh of Illusion: Fabric Art (2014)

This series explores the illusion of fabric in the art process and everyday usage of the commodity.

Escape to the Rabbit Hole (2012)

Fabric Still Life (2018)

Found Art. Make Art.


Russ/Raz: A Duet in Performance