Artist CV


Ra’z is a multi-disciplinary artist and creative activist based on the island of Negros in the Philippines. His creative endeavors reflect the convergence of the three pillars he primarily works on: Creative Healing Expressions, Sustainable Sacred Ecology, and Practical, Mindful Spiritual Vitality works. He presented for TEDx Silliman on “Artivism: Effecting Environmental Consciousness through Art”.

[ Education ]

Bachelor in Mass Communication + Certificate in Environmental Journalism (2004) – Silliman University Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Advocacy (Candidate) – Silliman University


[ Art Management Work ]

2019               — Founding organizer, Pecha Kucha Bacolod City, Bacolod City, PH

2016 – 2018   — Festival Director and Curator, Dagit Arts Festival, 6200 Pop Up Arts and Craft Fair, Department of Trade and Industry (National Agency) – Province of Negros Oriental2019

2014                — Regional Creative Coordinator, Spark! Philippines, Facilitator for Community Art Healing (post traumatic stress disorder workshops) for the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban, Souther Leyte, Philippines

2011 – 2009    —  Independent Curator & Manager, Malkootha Artbud Contemporary Fine Art, Bacolod, PH

2003 – 2019   —   Independent Cultural and Community Arts Organizer/Facilitator, Philippines

[ Grants, Fellowships, and Nominations ]

2020         Fellow, “Future Leader Arts Program”, Australia Council of the Arts, (Residentials in Australia) 

2019        Artist Fellow, SEA(South East Asia Delta), Arts and Cultural Leadership – Mekong Cultural Hub and the British Council (Residentials: Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos) 

2019         Dumaguete delegate, Tamawan Village International Arts Festival, Baguio City, PH

2018         Siquijor delegate, Visayan Visual Artist Exhibition+Conference, VIVA ExCon, Roxas City, Capiz, PH

2015         Danjugan Island: Creative Conservation Artist Retreat, Philippine Reef and Rainforest Foundation, Inc., Danjugan Island, Negros, PH

2013         I Am Patience, Nominated for Best Short Film – 36th Gawad Urian Awards, Manila-Philippines 

2010         Grantee, “Damgo Quatros Kantos Artbox: Public Art Installation“, Philippine International Arts Festival – National Commission for Culture and the Arts | (Site-specific to Four Locations: Dumaguete City | Quezon Park & Robinsons Place Mall +  Bacolod City | Capitol Lagoon Park & Negros Museum)

2007         Philippine Youth Delegate, United Nations Climate Change Conference / COP13, Bali, Indonesia 

2005         Philippine Youth Delegate, United Nations Climate Change Conference / COP11, Montréal, Canada


[Solo Art Exhibition]

2019         Midnight Talkers + Internal Monologues, Alima Café Artspace, Dumaguete, PH

2011         Strange Brew and Passion Fruit, Café des Artistes, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

2011         Vulvanic Eruptions, Island of the Gods, Three Monkeys Café Artwall, Ubud, Bali

2010         Cinta Raksasa: Lovely Moonsters, Café des Artistes, Ubud, Bali

2008         Selfportraitography (Painting, Photography, Public Installation Art, Performance Art, Videolight Projection) Foyer Gallery of the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH


[Selected Group Exhibitions]

2020         Babaye, Ang Kalibutan, Omriel Art Gallery, Iloilo City, PH

2019         Anonymous Animals, National Commission for Culture and the Arts Gallery, Manila, PH

2018         Unfiltered, Alima Café Artspace, Dumaguete, PH

2017         Confluence, Alimce Café Artspace, Dumaguete, PH

2016         PROMDI, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, PH

                 PROMDI, National Commission for Culture and the Arts Gallery, Intramuros, PH

2015         Amlig: Danjugan Island Artist Fundraiser Show, Tippy’s Bistro, Bacolod, PH

2014         Creative Healing Art Workshop (for Typhoon Haiyan survivors), Tacloban, PH

                  Philippines: Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone – Imago Mundi | Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy

2013         Interference, Kri Artwall, Dumaguete, PH

                 Mientras Tanto, Qube Gallery, Cebu, PH

                  Arte Biswal sa Kabisayan Sentro, Qube Gallery, Cebu, PH

2012         Cinta Bali: Oneness, Café des Artiste, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

                 Works (Viva ExCon), Lab-as, Dumaguete, PH

2011         Mother, Gaya Artspace, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                 Pinta Salvarita, SM City, Bacolod City, PH

2010         Lovely Moonsters, Café des Artiste, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                 Bali from Beyond, Hannah Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Saraswati Malkootha, Three Monkeys Artwall, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Art.i.Collect, Malkootha Artbud Gallery, Bacolod City, PH

                  Come Together, Lab-as, Dumaguete, PH

                  Little Fires on Sticks, Lab-as, Dumaguete, PH

2009         Family A(rt)ffair, Salvarita Art Gallery, Bacolod City, PH

2008         SALVARITA/JUMALON: Kith & Kin, Boston Gallery, Dumaguete, PH

                  Circulo, Boston Gallery, Dumaguete, PH

                  Never Fully Disclosed, Luce Foyer Gallery, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH

2007         Pescador, Boston Gallery, Dumaguete City, PH

                  Third Eye Group Show, Sweet Gardens Art Place, Bacolod City, PH

2005         Shift: Terracotta Art Festival, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH

                  Hinalay, Library Gallery, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH

2004         Kalikupan: Environmental Art Exhibition, Library Gallery, Silliman University

                 Feminisms: Vagina Monologues Art Exhibition, Library Gallery, Silliman Uni.

                   Red & Rite, Room 33 Artspace, Dumaguete, PH

2003         Bakunawa Art Festival, Albert Faurót End House, Silliman University

                  Sorealidad, Spanish Heritage Atelier, Dumaguete, PH

                  Cast of Characters, Spanish Heritage Atelier, Dumaguete, PH

                   Dreamstates, Art Box Gallery, Dumaguete, PH

                  Silaw Art Group Exhibit, Mariyah Gallery, Dumaguete, PH

                  Verve, Coco Amigos Artwall, Dumaguete, PH

2002         Give Fish a Chance, Coco Amigos Artwall, Dumaguete, PH

2001         Cebu International Arts Festival, Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City, PH

1999         Order of the Golden Palette, Silliman Hall, Silliman Uni., Dumaguete, PH


[Photography Exhibitions]

2018         Lens of Compassion (Peace Corps Volunteer Exhibition), IIRR, Cavite, PH

2014         Camera Obscura (Handmade Pinhole Camera Project), Kri Artwall, Dumaguete, PH

2010         Camiguin Norte (National Tour), University of Sto. Tomas, España, Manila, PH

2009         Imaginisms, Karuna Bali Campuhan College, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

2006         Virtual Spectrum, Boston Gallery, Dumaguete, PH

2005         Out of Focus, Library Gallery, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH

2002         Fotofanatico, Library Gallery, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH


[Literary Arts]

                 Regularly writes feature articles, reviews, column on Environmental Issues, Arts and Culture – since 2005 up until 2019

2013         Bali Ha’i: A Magical Mystery Tour, Pearl Magazine, April

2011          The Balinese Art of Ogoh-ogoh, Featured Photographs

2008        Kaffeeklatsch (Erotic Fiction), Dark Blue Southern Seas, Silliman Literary Journal

2006         Future Shock Anthology (Edited by Ian Rosales Casocot), Silliman Press

                  Sands and Coral Literary Journal, Silliman University

                  Whalederful Summer: Travel and Leisure Magazine, Asia 


[Performance Art]

2020         Ikarus: Samtang Gadamgo ang Uwak, Rooftop, Downtown Yangon, Myanmar

2020         Ikarus: Bagrong sang Linganay, Irrawaddy River Bank, Bagan, Myanmar

2020         Ikarus: Puti nga Hutik, Pakokku, Magway Region, Myanmar

2019         Bare, EarthingPH, Iloilo City, PH

2019         Delphinus Ikarus:Agwat sa Dagat, Artivism, Iloilo City, PH

2017         “rEVOLution”: A celebration of the VDay in Dumaguete (inspired by the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler), Performed the piece “My Body. My Choice.” by Rocky Magaña, Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Silliman University

2015         V-Manologues (inspired by the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler), Performed the piece “Hail to the Dharmodaya Vagina” written by Robert Thurman, Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Silliman University

2014         Halad (Offering Ritual), 53rd Silliman University National Writers Workshop

2013         Trance.sessions, Duet performance with Russ Ligtas, Arthub Studio House, Valencia, Neg.Or., PH

                 Ikarus: Son of the Sun, on-going performances (from Bali to Negros)

2012         Trance’nDance, VDay Forum with Eve Gensler, author and playwright of The Vagina Monologues

2012         Ikarus: Son of the Sun | Ubud, Bali (site-specific performance series)

                 Luna Chorea: Immerse with the Bali Moon, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Ikarus: — Sesajen, Tjampuhan Bridge, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Ikarus: River Dreamboats, Tjampuhan River, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Ikarus: Seeking Pleasure of Stillness, Tjampuhan River, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Ikarus: Oro Air Espiritu, Tjampuhan River, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

                  Ikarus: — Falling into Eternity, Alam Cinta Ashram, Ubud, Bali-Indonesia

2012         Yellow Creative Nest: Movement Improv, Five Elements Resort and Spa, Ubud

2011          Aqua Elemento, Ubud Ridge, Bali-Indonesia

2010         Enigma, Orange Gallery, Bacolod City, PH

                  Russ/Raz: A Duet in Performance, Luce Foyer, Silliman University, Dumaguete, PH

2007         Polar Bear in the Tropics (Greenpeace Climate Campaign), UNFCCC meeting, Bali, Indonesia

2005        Bed-in for Peace (UNFCCC), Palais des congrès de Montréal, Quebec, Canada

                  Biktima Sang, Dumaguete City, PH

2003        Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Performance Art Protest, Dumaguete, Negros, PH

2001         The Blood Wedding as “the Moon” (a play by Federico Garcia Lorca), Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, Silliman University


[Short Films]

2017         6200 Dual Citizens (Documentary on extracting the wisdom of the elderly of Dumaguete City through film), Dumaguete City, PH

2013         Confessions, Dumaguete Short Films, Dumaguete, PH

2012         I Am Patience (Nominated for Best Short Film for the 36th Gawad Urian Awards)

                 – Entry for the Cinema Rehiyon 5, University of the Philipines, Los Baños (2013)

                 – Selected entry for the 4th Binisaya Film Festival, Cebu City, PH (2014)

                 – Selected entry for Bacollywood Film Festival, Bacolod City, PH (2013)

                 – Entry for Dumaguete Short Films (2011)

*interview with Raz at the Sun Lounge Radio by Australian radio host and musician Adam Dunning – Have a listen to it!